SE UCh FI UCh Nord JV-15

Xilla van het Bossche Front

SE19082/2015 • Born 1 Dec 2014 • red smooth bitch

HD B • ED 0 • Eye clear • Patella 0 • Show: CACIB, BOB, BIG, BIS-3

Breeder: Janneke Leunissen Rooseboom, kennel Bossche Front


Xilla is a happy and playful chow that adores me. I picked her up in the Netherlands after I had decided I had to have a puppy from that breeding! She has really lived up to all my expectations, as she's a healthy and beautiful chow with a wonderful temperament.

Ch Miketilla Monte Carlo


HD A • ED 1

Miketilla Mon Toyah

Ch Chi Ming Zung Tzung Le


HD A • ED 0

Ch Krijntje van het Bossche Front



Miketilla Matisse

Ch Towmena In The Frame

HD 3:3

Miketilla Motion Pictures

Ch Miketilla Monogram

Mactyke California Dreamin With Miketilla

Ch Sweet Talkin' Romeo of the Royal Club   HD B

Hinke van het Bossche Front


Ch Smooth Contender of the Royal Club   HD A

Ch Ai Bu Shi Shou Zung Tzung Le

HD C • ED 1

Ch Ploon v h Bossche Front


HD A • ED 0

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