Gurkans Plötsligt Händer Det

SE13569/2021 • Born 2020-12-28 • black smooth bitch

HD A • ED 0 • Patella 0 • Eyes clear of all diseases

Shows: Best Puppy In Show-2


Peggy was born in our tenth litter. Because we hadn't had puppies for eleven years we were happy to have this black smooth bitch and of course she was a keeper! She is a happy and playful girl that is loved by us and our other dogs.

Imperial Dreams of Black Knights


HD A • ED 0

Patella 0 • Entropion free

Mei Hung Ping Nan


HD A • ED 0

Patella 0 • Eyes clear

Majesty's Perfect Desert Harmony


HD A • ED 0

Ch Mei Hung Iling San


HD A • ED 0

Rossy Elatus

OFA Patella

Cantons Imperial Princess


Ch Majesty's Missing Link


Majesty's Liberty Belle


Bidachows Quality Qella

HD A • ED 0

Ch Parmelia Aika Lystikäs


HD C • ED 0

Gurkans Full Rulle

HD A • ED 2

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