Gurkans Hör Och Häpna

S14282/2008 • Born 18 Dec 2007 • Dead 2016 • red smooth bitch

HD D/A • ED 0 • Show: BOB, BOS, cacib, BOSS 2010


Pärlan was born in a litter of seven, where only two survived the first week. She grew up to be a chow of great personality and sense of humour. Because she is HD D she never became the brood bitch we had hoped for, but we have had a lot of fun in the show rings.

Mini-Torpets Frej


HD A • ED 0

Amito's X-Y-Moor


HD A • ED 01

Kringelmyras Creme Surprise


HD A • ED 0

Fun-Hai's Noble Creme Nitzie

HD 0 • ED 0

Ch Kwai-Pao Kwei-Jang

HD 0

Amito's Bee Poo Li

HD 0

Ch Bastian


Ch Pei Fang Millennium


HD A • ED 0

Ch Pei Fang Moving Revelation


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