Ugly Dog Raja

S31384/98 • Born 1998-05-15 • Dead 2009 • fawn mastiff bitch

HD 0 • ED 0 • Show: BOB, BOS, cacib


Masha came into our lives when Oskar wanted his own dog and he wanted a big dog. Even though Masha wasn't the biggest mastiff she was still very well built with correct proportions and width and depth to her size. She was a lovely dog and lived a long life for a mastiff, until she was 11 years of age. She had one litter of one puppy: Lindoms Balle Balder

Ch Bamse


HD 0 • ED 0

Thorarps Beda

Thorarps Rebecca


HD 0 • ED 0

Ch Powerful's Livius Emperor

Ch Deer Run Max

Ch Powerful's Drusilla

Hjalmar v Desaäl

Ch Moloss Angel Of The Morning

Ch Bredwardine Bythyngwyn

Ch Maskhal Gypsy Queen

Thorarps Alfhild

Hjalmar v Desaäl

Ch Thorarps Ester

Ch Mastdoch Southern Cross

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