Gurkans Full Rulle (Mao)

red smooth dog

HD A • ED 21

Show: R-CAC

Owner: Leena Blomqvist, Finland

Gurkans Klackarna I Taket (Greta)

red smooth bitch • Dead 2013

HD A • ED 0

Gurkans Hals Över Huvud with Zhenshi (Gita)

red smooth bitch

HD 0:0 • ED 0 (English scoring)

Show: CAC in Sweden

Owner: Keith Fogwill, England

Litter born 3 Dec 2009

Sire: Mini-Torpets Frej (HD A ED 0)

Dam: Ch Gurkans Äss I Rockärmen (HD B ED 0)


Sushi's second litter ended in a ceasarian and we had three healthy puppies (one born naturally). It turned out these three puppies were spread across Europe as the dog moved to Finland, one of the bitches moved to England and one was staying with us.


The dog in Finland sired one litter at Parmelia kennel. The bitch in England has had two litters and a daughter from her first litter moved back with us.

The bitch we kept was diagnosed with diabates at 2,5 years of age and had to be put to sleep at 3 years due to pneumonia.

Mini-Torpets Frej

Ch Gurkans Äss I Rockärmen

Mini-Torpets Frej


HD A • ED 0

Ch Gurkans Äss I Rockärmen


HD B • ED 0

Amito's X-Y-Moor


HD A • ED 01

Ch Kwai-Pao Kwei-Jang

HD 0

Amito's Bee Poo Li

HD 0

Nickelodeons Knock On Wood


HD A • ED 0

Ch C'hengtus Magic Touch

HD 0 • ED 2

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