Gurkans Tar Hem Spelet (Moffatt)

red smooth dog • Dead 2015

HD A • ED 0

Owner: Karl Warfvinge, Karlskrona

SE UCh Gurkans Äss I Rockärmen (Sushi)

red smooth bitch • Dead 2014

HD B • ED 0

Show: BOB, BOS, BIG-4, cacib

Gurkans Lagt Kort Ligger (Göte)

red smooth dog • Dead 2015

HD A • ED 1

Owner: Ylva Hartman, Matfors

Gurkans Får Spader (Cajsa)

black rough bitch • Dead 2011

HD C • ED 0

Show: Excellent

Owner: Maria Hallqvist, Sundsvall

Gurkans Korten På Bordet (Curre)

red smooth dog • Dead 2012

HD A • ED 0

Owner: Pia Dingsten, Söderköping

Litter born 16 Oct 2003

Sire: Nickelodeons Knock On Wood (HD A ED 0)

Dam: Ch Gurkans En Krydda I Tillvaron (HD A ED 01)


Kryddan's first litter was sired by our own dog Nocky and consisted of five puppies. The red smooth bitch Sushi was sold to a breeder (not chow) but she spent a lot of time with us during her first years. The owner let me have two litters of Sushi, but when the owner got seriously ill and later died, Sushi came back to us.


The black bitch was placed on breeding terms but when she turned out to have HD C I gave her to her owner.


Moffatt sired a litter of one puppy at Bidachows kennel in Denmark.

Nickelodeons Knock On Wood

Ch Gurkans En Krydda I Tillvaron

Nickelodeons Knock On Wood


HD A • ED 0

Ch C'hengtus Magic Touch


HD 0 • ED 2

Baytor Blue Velvet Surprise


HD 0 • ED 0

Baytor Crystal Star


Tai's Chow Black Prince Amigo


C'hengtus Miranda


Ch Bastian


Gurkans Rött Är Sött


HD ua • ED 0

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