Mini-Torpets Frej

S18532/2004 • Born 15 Jan 2004 • red rough dog

HD A • ED 0 • Show: CAC

Breeder: Annika Engström, Härryda


King came into our possesion when his first ownes couldn't keep him. He was placed in to a home on a breeding contract, but when the new owner couldn't keep him he came back to us. He now lives in his forever home and thrives. He sired tow litters. Litter 1 and litter 2

Kringelmyras Creme Surprise


HD A • ED 0

Amito's X-Y-Moor


HD A • ED 1

Fun-Hai's Noble Creme Nitzie


HD 0 • ED 0

Ch Jowtrix Creme Creole

HD 0 • ED 1

Fun-Hai's Jasmine

HD 0 • ED 1

Ch Mathieu Kwei-Jang

Mei-Li Kwei-Jang

Amito's Bee Poo Li


HD 0

Ch Rhytzo Tao Ting

HD 0

Ch Amito's Polly Poo Li

HD 0

Ch Kwai-Pao Kwei-Jang


HD 0

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