Gurkans Klackarna I Taket

SE12108/2010 • Born 3 Dec 2009 • Dead 2013 • red smooth bitch

HD A • ED 0 • Show: Very promising in puppy class (only shown as a puppy)


Greta was a wonderful chow, one of those that just digs deep into your heart and stays there. She loved to cuddle and she loved to play fetch. She retrieved everything I threw. She was also a natural in front of the camera. She loved the camera and the camera loved her! She was diagnosed with diabetes at 2,5 years and died from pneumonia at 3 years.

Mini-Torpets Frej


HD A • ED 0

Ch Gurkans Äss I Rockärmen


HD B • ED 0

Amito's X-Y-Moor


HD A • ED 01

Ch Kwai-Pao Kwei-Jang

HD 0

Amito's Bee Poo Li

HD 0

Nickelodeons Knock On Wood


HD A • ED 0

Ch C'hengtus Magic Touch

HD 0 • ED 2

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