Minillas Professor D of Surprise

SE23578/2018 • Born 30 March 2018 • fawn Pug male

Show: CAC, Nordic CAC, BOS • Patella 0/0 • PDE N/N by parents

Breeder: Margaretha Nilsson, Hammenhög


Albus is a lovely Pug boy who moved in with us at the end of May 2018.

Pei Fang Miss Isobel

Pei Fang Im The One


Patella 0


Tangetoppen's Glamour Dream Girl


Patella 0


Ch Analog Ci Nobodys Business

Ch Winsome's Gold Standard

Ch Kingpoint Causin A Commotion

Mu-Ti-La's Private Practice

Pugbully A-Ha

Ch Kingpoint Wannabe Tangetoppen

Ch Tangetoppen's Arising Poenix

Tangetoppen's Temptation

Los Chatos Del Turia I Spy Tangetop

Ch Tangetoppen's Annie Get Your Gun

Ch Tangetoppen's Niceguys Get T'Girls

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